Mt. McKinley

Mt. McKinley
Peace in a photograph- Mt. McKinley

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On a Tuesday

It rained most of today.  In fact, it was downright fucking dreary.  This is what I did: I spent last night at my parents', so I woke up this morning- noted the rain- went home and finished a library book and started a new show (Jericho, which I think I like very much).  I also did errands because I am in a wedding this weekend.

In any case, I have no energy to write a long entry, so I'm going to add some stuff that I read from to this that Maddawg579 queried:

"Would you still masturbate if, instead of millions of sperm coming out, only one big one came out and you had to kill it before it killed you? 
Don't worry about the physics of it, just imagine the scenario. A bulldog-sized sperm comes bursting out and it has teeth, eyes, and everything. You have to somehow kill it, or it's going to kill you.
Personally, I think it would be fucking awesome. Unfortunately, everyone would know when you just finished jerking it."
This was answered on Deadspin by Drew Magary- check out the full answer here but here's a teaser of what he wrote:
"I read this question and immediately pictured a world dotted with numerous glory hole crematoriums designed specifically to address this problem. Imagine with me, if you will. You have to jerk off. There's no stopping the urge. So you hustle over to your local Masturbation Depository. Once there, you find a private booth with a small hole in the wall. You do your jerking and then you skeet into the hole so that the bulldog sperm is ejected into a separate room. Obviously, you'd have to be very mindful of timing in this instance. One premature orgasm and you're fucking toast. You have to KNOW when that nut is coming, and prepare thusly."
I'll let you stew on this little gem of an idea. 
Song of the day: Apocalyptica - Farewell [suggested by a friend]

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